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The Information Services comprises ICT Services, the Parliamentary Library and Research Services.  The Information Services helps meet the technology, information, research and records management needs of the Parliament, supporting Member of Parliament in their representative duties and functions, as well as the corporate functions of the parliamentary departments.

The Roadmap direction of the Information Services stipulated in the 2017-2021 National Parliament of Solomon Islands Strategic Plan fall under Strategic Objectives 1.5: Creating an E-parliament and 3.3: Increase the oversight capacity of Parliament through improved library and research services.

  • NPSI endeavors to develop into modern e-parliament, utilizing latest information communication technology (ICT) to enhance working processes, procedures, improve electronic record keeping and information storage, improve timely accessibility to information and enhance swift disseminating of information.
  • The ICT Services team provides and supports the technology infrastructure for NPSI and also manages technology-related capital works project.
  • The Parliamentary Library and Research Services team strives to be increasingly become an e-library, a part of NPSI commitment to improve library and research services.
  • The Parliamentary Library and Research which incorporate References Services, Research Collection Services, and Records, Archives, delivers research, information awareness, access and preservation services to members and staff of parliament.”