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ABOVE:West Kwaio MP Hon Peter Tom placed the Kwaio New Testament bible in the Parrliament's Bible Cabinet.

A New Testament Bible translated in Kwaio dialect was launched at the National Parliament Office today (Thursday 10th April 2014).

Director of Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG), Mr Timothy Matzke said the completion of the Bible was made possible through the tireless commitment of Kwaio people like Mr George Taboo, Mr David Fonosimae, and organizations like the Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG), the Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership (BTLP) and Mrs Julie Savage of SITAG, including support from other indigenous Kwaio people and churches in the United States of America.

Before the translation a series of workshops were conducted for the stakeholders and individuals who supported the project.
Mr Matzke said a consultant who had a lot of experience in translation and Greek knowledge was also engaged to ensure there were no errors.
“After eight years of loyalty to the translation 500 copies have arrived at shores of Solomon Islands in February 2014,”he said.
“The Kwaio team is full of joy and give thanks to God who made this all possible,” Mr Matzke added.

Member of Parliament for West Kwaio Hon Peter Tom has also praised SITAG for their tireless task of bringing God’s word translated into their own dialect.
“Now our people will be able to read scriptures and understand better the word of God in their own languge”

This new translated bible is placed in the Bible Cabinet of the National Parliament Office by the Member of Parliament for West Kwaio Hon Peter Tom.
So far the New Testament Bible has been translated into 20 local languages since Solomon Islands gained independence in 1978.
SITAG has also placed 20 other translated Bibles of other Solomon dialects in the Parliament’s Bible Cabinet.

This event was witnessed by the Hon Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo, Speaker of Parliament Sir Allan Kemakeza, Chairman of the BTLP Trustees, Pastor Andrew Fanasia, Martha Matzke, SITAG Director, SITAG Translator Advisor, and Member of Parliament for West Kwaio, Peter Tom and other Members of Parliament including Staff of National Parliament Office.

ABOVE:A SITAG member reading a verse from the Kwaio Bible

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