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Vision: To be a modern Parliament that fulfills its constitutional duties and effectively serves the people of Solomon Islands.


National Parliament of Solomon Islands

9th Parliament Speaker

The Speaker of National Parliament, Sir Allan Kemakeza, KBE,

The position of the Speaker of National Parliament is created under Section 64 of the Constitution of Solomon Islands.  The Speaker is elected by Members of Parliament every four (4) years in accordance to Order 5 of the Standing Orders of the National Parliament of Solomon Islands. The role of the Speaker, as specified under Section 65 of the Constitution of Solomon Islands, is to preside over sittings of parliament to ensure that Members conduct themselves in accordance to the Standing Orders of National Parliament.

The Speaker for the current Parliament is Sir Allan Kemakeza, KBE. Sir Allan Kemakeza was elected as Speaker of National Parliament on 8th September 2010.

The Speaker is assisted in his daily work by his Executive Personal Secretary, Mrs. Freda Rifasia.

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