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Biography of Sir Peter Kenilorea




1.         NAME:                                  RT. HON. SIR PETER KENILOREA, KBE, PC

2.         HOME ADDRESS:             Rara Village, East Are’Are, Malaita Province

3.         PRESENT ADDRESS:        PO Box 1674, Honiara, Solomon Islands

4.         AGE:                                      62 years

5.         MARITAL STATUS:          Married with 8 Children

6.         EDUCATION

1975 – Certificate in Public Administration, University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

1971 – First Class Magistrate Certificate

1967 – Diploma – Ardmore Teachers’ College, New Zealand

1965 – Wanganui Boys College (NZ) – Form Six Certificate

1964 – Wesley College

1956- 1963 – King George VI School – School Certificate (GCE “O” Level)


1984 -  Was re-elected MP for East Are’Are Constituency in that year’s General Election and re-elected Prime Minister for the 3rd consecutive time.

1981 -  The entire Independent Group in Parliament withdrew its support from my Government over my cautious approach to the establishment of the Provincial System of Government and I became the Leader of the Official Opposition.

1980 -  Was re-elected MP for East Are’Are Constituency in the General Election and re-elected the Prime Minister by Parliament following that General Election.

1978 -  Became the first Prime Minister of the Independent Solomon Islands and was responsible for all matters of Foreign Relations and International securities and the Minister responsible for the Public Service.

1977 -  Was responsible for bringing into being the Solomon Islands National Independence Constitution.  Led a delegation of MPs for a successful Constitutional negotiation with Her Majesty’s Government in London.

1976 -  Elected the Chief Minister (Head of the elected Government) following the General Election that year by the Legislative Assembly.

1976 -  First elected to the National Legislative Assembly in 1976 General Election as MLA for East Are’Are Constituency – (nominated unopposed).

1975 -  Transferred on further promotion as District Commissioner, Eastern Solomons.  Also appointed First Class Magistrate on successfully completing relevant examinations, and was responsible for all legal and judicial matters for that District.

  • As the District Commissioner, Eastern Solomons, was responsible for all planning and administration of Eastern District – which District covered the now two Eastern Provinces of Makira/Ulawa and Temotu Provinces.


1974 -  Transferred on promotion to the Chief Minister’s Office (now Prime Minister’s Office) as Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet and Secretary to the Chief Minister.

1973 -  Transferred to Lands Administration to head the Department for all Urban Land Administration and Registration, and Honiara Town Planning matters.

1973 -  Transferred to District Administration, Malaita, as District Officer.

1972    Transferred from Finance to General Public Administration.  After completing a professional in-service course in Public Administration at the University of the South Pacific in 1971 and was designated District Officer (DO) Ysabel District.

1971    Transferred on promotion, and by Government request, to the Civil Service as Assistant Secretary Finance (ASF) Finance

1971    Assistant Secretary Finance and the Secretary to the negotiation Team for the establishment of the largest fishing company in the country, in Tokyo, Japan.  This was the Solomon Taiyo Joint Venture Company.  This Joint Venture Agreement was subsequently hailed as the best in the region.

Amongst others, it satisfactorily catered for –

  • Shore-based facilities – processing factories
  • Sensible and accelerated localization programmes.
  • Guaranteed markets
  • Adequate surveillance and monitoring safeguards.
  • Satisfactory control system etc. etc. aimed at ensuring sustainable development in this very important natural resources.
  • 1968 – 1970 – Secondary School Teaching – King George VI Secondary School.
  • Taught Forms 1 – V
  • Subjects taught –

       -       English
        -       Geography
        -       History
        -       Biology
        -       Religious Instruction


During my 3 terms as Prime Minister, my Governments produced 3 National Development Plans.

1987 -  As Minister responsible for fisheries matters, was responsible for the Fisheries expansion programme including the negotiation and signing of the Japanese aid package for the development of the enlarged processing facilities at Noro Port, Western Solomons for Solomon Taiyo Joint Venture.

1985 – Negotiated a lift of our fish trade embargo by USA, following Solomon Islands Government’s apprehension of a USA Purseiner.


1988 -      Head a delegation to Brussels for the preliminary discussion on LOME IV and also participated at UNGA on behalf of Solomon Islands.

1987 -      As Minister responsible for fisheries matters for the country, was privileged and responsible for the final negotiations and signing of the historic Multilateral Fisheries Agreement between USA and certain Pacific countries.

1987 -      Represented Solomon Islands at the East West Centre Honolulu Energy Seminar, following which I developed and rationalized energy storage and supply system for Solomon Islands as Minister responsible for Energy.

1986  -     On behalf of Solomon Islands, helped conducted and signed two important regional Environment Treaties/Conventions:-

                (i)  The South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty

                (ii)  The South Pacific Regional Environment Programme
                       (SPREP) – Now a regional organization by its own right.

1980 and 1986 – Was appointed the Spokesman for the South Pacific Forum Meetings in Port Vila and Suva, Fiji respectively.

1985  -     Negotiated, concluded and signed the EEC Indicative Programme for Solomon Islands under LOME III and also led the Solomon Islands delegation to UNGA that year.

1979 – 85 – Was the Representative of Solomon Islands at Heads of Commonwealth Meetings in Zambia, New Delhi and Bahamas.

1976 – 81 -      As the Head of Government, I was responsible for all regional matters, international security and simultaneously held the portfolio of Minister for Foreign Affairs.

1979  -     Successfully hosted and chaired the South Pacific Forum Meeting in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

1978  -     Negotiated and signed the first Aid Package to Solomon Islands with EEC in Brussels, EUROPE.

1978  -     Visited and formally concluded the UNDP aid assistance to an Independent Solomon Islands at the UNDP Headquarters in New York, USA.

1978   -    Successfully negotiated Solomon Islands Government’s membership of UN and made the inaugural speech at that August world body that year.


Between the years 1964 – 2005, have traveled to 70 countries of the world for various reasons in my official capacities representing the country and the region on various international meetings and negotiations.

  • As for the Pacific world, have visited the following countries on duty travels:

New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, PNG, Vanuatu, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands, Western Samoa, Nauru, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, FSM (All States), Guam, Saipan, Palau, New Caledonia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, the State of Hawaii and French Polynesia.


1994 -      Achieved full staff complement for the Agency – first time ever.

1994 -      A new communication complex was negotiated with the Australian Defence Corporation Programme and completed the Agency’s MSCN/PEACESAT efficiency in 1994.

  • Agency’s assistance to some member countries was enhanced by the Japanese increased fishing access fees.
  • Successfully negotiated and completed the construction of the Agency’s International Conference Centre – funded by EEC with SI$3m.
  • Successfully negotiated and completed a new archives/library for the Agency under Australian International Development Aid Bureau funding.  This resulted in a more pleasant work environment for staff generally as a result of the enhanced spacing.
  • Established, with the Nauru Group’s initiative, an arrangement to manage and control the purse seine fisheries in the Western Pacific under the auspicious of the ‘Palau Agreement’.
  • Had also represented FFA at all regional meetings (Forum, South Pacific Commission, South Pacific Applied Geoscience, South Pacific Regional Government Programme, Pacific Island Development Programme, South Pacific Organizations Coordinating Committee), including the successful participation at the Rio 1992 World Summit on Environment and Development organised by the United Nations.
  • Have visited all the Agency member countries on duty travels during 1991 – 1994 periods, some more than once.

1993 – Successfully had the Agency’s Corporate Plan and Organization and Management system fully reviewed and implemented.

1992 –   Successfully developed an effective and useful surveillance system for member countries under the 1992 ‘Niue Treaty’.  Effective surveillance of the region was imperative for compliance, management, development and coordination of the fisheries activities in the region.
1991  -   Formally resigned my political career and was appointed the Executive Director to the regional organization, the Forum Fisheries Agency, with a membership of 16 countries of the Pacific basin, including N.Z and Australia.  Some achievements as Director of FFA were:-

  • A successful negotiation and timely implementation of the extension to the ‘Treaty on Fisheries between the Governments of certain Pacific Island States and the Government of the United States of America’.  The financial success of this was reflected by a 40% increase of access fees paid under the extension over the original Treaty – ten (10) year Agreement.
  • Advanced technical discussions with the Republic of China/Taiwan on a possible Multilateral Fisheries Treaty with that country and the Agency/Agency member countries.
  • Successfully convinced Japan to an official preliminary talks on a likely multilateral fisheries treaty with that ‘country’ and the Agency/Agency member countries.
  • Successfully developed a regional register system for all Distant Water Fishing Nations (DWPNs) with the Agency Secretariat.  Japan who had been very negative towards this management/compliance measure eventually agreed to participate in it.


1995  -   Was appointed Member of the “Conciliation and Good Offices Commission” of the “United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organisation” – a United Nations Agency.


1996 -  Was appointed the Ombudsman of the sovereign Democratic State of Solomon Islands for a five (5) year term.

14.       CO-CHAIRMAN

2000 -  Co-Chairman, Peace Negotiation and Chairman Peace Monitoring Council

15.       SPEAKER

2006 – Re-elected Speaker of National Parliament

2001 -  Elected Speaker of National Parliament


1993    Awarded 2nd World War 50th Anniversary Medal

1988    Awarded Solomon Islands 10th Anniversary Medal

1985    Awarded the highest decoration for any foreign citizen – “The Order of Brilliant Star with Special Grand Cordon” by the Republic of China.

1984    Was awarded a Certificate for a Distinguished International Leader of Distinction by the State of Hawaii, USA
1982    Knighted by Her Majesty The Queen (KBE)

1979    Was conferred a Queen’s Privy Councillor (PC)

1978    Awarded Solomon Islands Independent Medal

1977    Recipient of the Queen’s Silver Medal


  • Have contributed articles of various disciplines to various South Pacific periodicals.
  • Produced and delivered a Paper on international security at the National Defence University in Washington – 1998.

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