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Solomons Nasnol Pati (SNP)


Motto: "Pipol and Kantri Fastaem" (People and Country First)

Theme: " Getting the Basics Right"


Continuous improvement of the people and their welfare in a united and sovereign Solomon Islands, where freedom, peace, and harmony prevail and the country's common goods and services benefits the greatest number of its citizens in a secure environment.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Solomons Nasnol Pati is to develop and maintain:

  • A committed, honest, and effective leadership culture in all public institutions;
  • An improved and strengthened constitutional and parliamentary democracy;
  • Solomon Islands to continue along an acheivable economic growth path;
  • Equitable distribution of opportunities and incomes among Solomon Islanders;
  • An enabling and conducive investment environment;
  • Poverty reduction strategies;
  • Improved living standards for all;
  • An efficient and effective law and order regime, with full regard for justice and human rights;
  • Improved partnership between all stakeholders in the services delivery programmes.


  • Honesty in public dealings and principled in every conduct;
  • Government, non-state actors and public institutions to always put public interest above personal ones; national above parochial outlooks;
  • Transparency, acountability, responsibility and respect for the rule of law;
  • Exploitation and use of the people's natural resources to fairly benefit all stakeholders;
  • Promotion of 'Diversity in Unity' on the basis of mutual respect for the country's internal differences;
  • The adoption and implementation of a 'selective engagement' approach in conducting Solomon Islands' foreign relations so as to ensure that security from external threats and regular flows of support from development partners remain positive in the face of changing geopolitical realities;
  • The support and promotion of United Nations principle on the right of all people to education, making sure that education is made available, especially to children and youths;
  • Having a healthy population by ensuring that preventative and curative health services are readily accessible to all people thoughout the Islands;
  • making sure that the private sector becomes an effective engine for economic growth and development;
  • The promotion and proper handling of gender concerns in all areas of public life, at all levels of leadership and in all aspects of the private sector so women and girls can participate effectively and share in the benefits of the wealth of the Solomons;
  • Working within a government system that is legitimate, properly constituted and established by the will of the people;
  • Being at the forefront in the maintenance of good governance.



The National Party has five members in the current Parliament and is led by Hon. Francis Billy Hilly.

Hon. Francis Billy Hilly (MP for Ranonga/Simbo)
Hon. Martin Magga (MP for Temotu Pele)
Hon. John Patteson Oti (MP for Temotu Nende)
Hon. Nollen Cornelius Leni (MP for East Central Guadalcanal)
Hon. Rev. Leslie Boseto (MP for South Choiseul)

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