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Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA)


A respected, respectful, forward looking and unique country where our children live in harmony and where all citizens are able to look after themselves and each other.


SIPRA is dedicated to providing an environment conducive to the fullest exercise of both individual and collective potential in the populace and also by investors and to economic advancement of the country and its people.


Policy Directions

  1. Create a climate of confidence internally and overseas;
  2. Grow the Economy;
  3. Create means and ways to expand employment opportunities thereby contributing to poverty reduction;
  4. Strengthen Provincial Government capacity for service delivery;
  5. Re-align and improve National Government service delivery;
  6. Provide a sustainable health service for rural people;
  7. Strengthen the Education Sector Investment and Reform Programme (ESIRP);
  8. Significantly increase the number of visitors to SI each year;
  9. National consensus on improved land legislation and policies;
  10. Rasie standerds of Leadership and Management;
  11. Ensure gender equity, gender sensitive and family friendly policies, legislation and budget;
  12. The elderly; chronically ill and handicapped will receive regular Government support.


The Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA)has five members, and is led by Hon. Job Dudley Tausinga, member for North New Gorgia.

Hon. Job Dudley Tausinga (MP for North New Georgia)
Hon. Samuel Manetoali (MP for Gao/Bugotu)
Hon. Toswel Kaua (MP for Baegu/Asifola)
Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo (MP for Gizo/Kolombangara)
Hon. Patrick Vahoe (Jnr) (MP for Malaita Outer Islands)



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