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20TH MARCH 2018

The 7th meeting of the 10th Parliament is again adjourned to give time for the Public Accounts Committee to continue scrutinize the 2018 Appropriation Bill 2018.

Honorable Prime Minister, Hon. Rick Hounipwela adjourned Parliament for that particular reason as all papers required for the hearings were received late by the Committee.
The Committee only commenced the hearings on Thursday 15th March. Due to late arrival of the budget documents, this will need further time for the Committee to complete its hearings.

Prime Minister Rick Hou told PAC to be responsible in conducting the hearings without realizing that it is the Ministry of Finance who did not submit all required papers on the 2018 estimates on time.

Given that situation the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Hon. Douglas Ete thanked the Prime Minister for giving PAC some more time.

Hon Ete wrote to the Prime Minister for an extended period of time since the papers for PAC which come from the budget department do not come as a whole but on a sporadic basis giving PAC difficulty seeing all the documents on time.

PAC Chair in his remarks in the chamber said they did not receive the development budget until the 12th March and they are yet to receive the teachers’ establishment.
These are very important papers and PAC need these information for the inquiry.
Meanwhile, all parties agree to the reasons for adjournment, thus Parliament is adjourned to 26th March.

The 2018 Appropriation Bill 2018 went through the first reading on Monday 19th March and was set down for second reading.

PAC hearings are expected to end this week and hopefully the appropriation Bill will go to second reading to committee stage and third reading at the resumption of the house on the 26th.


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