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PAC Symposium Participants 2017.JPG.PAC Symposium Participants 2017.JPG.

The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Hon Rick Nelson Houenipwela has recently participated in the 5th Annual Public Accounts Committee Symposium in London, UK.

The program which was facilitated by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies was held at the Stand Palace Hotel on the 16th to 17th October 2017.
It was well attended by 26 Public Accounts Committee Members, Committee clerks and Officers from Supreme Audit Officers from around the Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Pacific.

This year’s theme was, “Prudent Spending” of the public funds. Topics of discussions began with identifying and building an ideal PAC across all Commonwealth Parliaments.
The discussions also connotes and connects the operations and intersections of the two traditional forms of accountability exerted by both the public audits (Supreme Audit Institutions) and Parliament through the Committee system.

PAC Symposium Participants 2017.Hou dicussing with PAC colleagues from Saudi Arabia.

Participants also discuss and try to understand the common obstacles the executive faces when it comes to prudent spending. Discussions also established how crucial establishing relationship with stakeholders is, for the necessity of obtaining accurate data and information.

Whilst modern PAC Committees must prepare to work with other Actors in their given economic environment, farther efforts is must be articulated to tackle challenges and emerging issues including enforcing accountability on Public Private Partnership, which is a new venture for most governments.

It was also reiterated that the Chairman’s role in empowering the PAC, is vital; more so, the Committee clerk in managing the operations on Committee inquiries.
A further two days intensive training for a Professional Certificate in the Works of the Public Accounts Committees attended, was part a capacity building for the PAC. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee acknowledged the financial support of the Solomon Islands Government and the UNDP Pacific Parliamentary Effectiveness Initiative.


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