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The Environmental and Conservation Committee (ECC) of the National Parliament will resume its inquiry into the “Impacts of sea level rise due to climate change on low lying coastal and atoll communities in the country” in Temotu.

The inquiry takes place in Lata, Temotu province from 23rd September to 3rd October of 2017.

This was initiated in 2016 to determine the extent of the situation on communities that are considered to be adversely affected by rising sea levels and would require immediate government intervention.

Hence, ECC began its inquiry with the Climate Change Division of the Ministry of Environment to gather scientific information on climate change, the impacts of sea level rise and climate change related activities that have been carried out by the government before commencing with its first provincial inquiry on Malaita, notably in Langalanga lagoon and Lau lagoon.

ECC would have preferred to travel to the Malaita Outer Islands (MOI) on that instance but was unable to due to budgetary constraints. The Committee views such locales as places very vulnerable to sea level rise due to their atoll characteristics and the only means for adaptation is to relocate. However, relocation is a sensitive issue given the nature of tribal land ownership.

The Committee will be holding public hearings and site visits with stakeholders that are representatives of the structural strata within a community such as church leader, committees, chiefs, elders, women leaders, youth leaders and so forth.
The ECC’s Terms of Reference are outlined as:

a) To examine, consider, observe and determine issues in relation to the impacts of sea level rise on low lying coastal and atoll communities in selected parts of the country to;
i. determine the impact of sea level rise; and
ii. determine measures adopted by low lying coastal and atoll communities to adapt and/or mitigate the impacts of sea level rise.
b) To examine and evaluate measures adopted and/or implemented by relevant administrative and implementing authorities to address the impacts of sea level rise.
c) Report back to Parliament the Committee’s findings and recommendations of the inquiry.

It is important for the public to understand that the inquiry is necessary to receive submissions and views of people in adversely affected communities, and also visit those communities in the country.
As much as the Committee would like to conduct a nationwide consultation, it does not have the time and resources to do so.

Therefore, it is very important for the general public, NGOs, CSOs, Churches, and Community Climate Change Committees to put forward their submissions to the Committee regarding your views and recommendations under the Inquiry’s TOR.

The Committee is chaired by Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana, MP for Maringe- Kokota and comprised of the following members; Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua, MP for North-East Guadalcanal, Hon. Charles Sigoto, MP for Rannonga-Simbo, Hon. Matthew Wale, MP for Aoke-Langa Langa, Hon. Alfred Ghiro, MP for East Makira, Hon. Jackson Fiulaua, MP for Central Kwara’ae, Hon. Connelly Sandakabatu, MP for North-West Choiseul, and Hon. Commins Mewa, MP for Temotu-Nende.

ECC welcomes submissions from the public concerning its above mentioned Terms of Reference. Submissions (written) can be from any members of the public, NGOs, CSOs, and ministries which can provide the Committee with more insights, observation, opinion and recommendations. Submissions can be forwarded to:

The Chairman of the Environmental and Conservation Committee, National Parliament of Solomon Islands, P.O Box G19, Honiara. Or sent to Committee Secretary via email: or
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