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Vision: To be a modern Parliament that fulfills its constitutional duties and effectively serves the people of Solomon Islands.

Parliament is adjourned to Tuesday 24 July 2018.  

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East Makira Team along with Principal Santa Ana CHS and CDO Frosty

“This is the first time for Parliament team to visit our village at Manita” Quote from village representative.

The statement echoed by the villager sums up the success of the recent constituency visit conducted recently, by the Parliamentary Civic Education Unit (PCEU) to East Makira and Central Makira Constituencies.

On the 21st August – 2nd September 2017, a team of 4 officers of the National Parliament conducted a series of Parliament Outreach activities in eight (8) villages and seven (7) Community High Schools in East Makira and Central Makira Constituencies.
The PCEU team commenced with the constituency tour in East Makira Constituency on 21st – 27 August 2017.

The team visited Two (2) villages and Four (4) Community High Schools. One of the Interesting thing about the visit to four (4) Community High Schools was the schools were the main Centre’s whereby both staff, students and the surrounding communities gathered for the PCEU outreach workshops.

Such arrangement has been described as opportunity for both constituents from school and communities to listen to presentations, participated in group activities and more importantly shared views and concerns experienced by schools and communities.

The occasion provided an avenue whereby the team listen to firsthand information from both parties on their understanding of Parliamentary Democracy in Solomon Islands, adopted from United Kingdom when Solomon Islands became independent in 1978.
On the second leg of the constituency visit, the team visited eight (8) villages & seven (7) community High Schools in Central Makira on 27 August – 30th August 2017.
Similarly, the PCEU team conducted the awareness program on two approaches.

First, the civic team designed and delivered community presentation which was more detail and informative and suitable for rural people. Power presentation for schools consisted of graphics, photos and illustrations that is easier for students to learn, remember and appreciate.

At Cambell School Central Makira. Students during group work explaining the 3 Arms of the State

Both presentations (for community & school) focused on the definition of the Westminster Parliamentary system, functions of Parliament, roles of Members of Parliament, Parliamentary Committees, Law Making Process and the supporting services of National Parliament.
For this recent visit the PCEU was fortunate to speak and interacted with over 1,500 constituents.

“We are delighted to directly engage with constituents and to listen to their inadequate understanding of the Parliament and roles of MPs. Moreover, after the sessions, one thing the civic team appreciated was the fact that majority openly declared that this was the first time for Parliament team to visit their respective communities or schools,” PCEU Director, Patteson Lusi stated.

The team would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for making the tour possible.
Hon Alfred Ghiro MP East Makira Constituency and constituency officers.
Hon Nestor Ghiro MP Central Makira Constituency and constituency officers
Speaker of National Parliament

Clerk and Management of National Parliament
Solomon Islands Government
Premier and Provincial Executive of Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly
Chief and elders of selected communities in East Makira and Central Makira Constituencies
School Principals of selected High Schools in East Makira and Central Makira Constituencies.

The Parliamentary Civic Education team next constituency tour is on the second week of the October whereby the team will visit three constituencies in the Western Province, this includes Ranongga, Simbo, North and South Velalavela Constituencies.
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