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National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016 – 2035 maps out a strategic direction for the future development of Solomon Islands, said Minister of Development Planning and Aid Coordination, Hon. Danny Philip when moving the motion to consider the Strategy on Monday 31st July 2017.

Hon. Philip said, the NDS focuses on two key areas; social and economic livelihoods, hence it’s National Vision, “Improving the Social and Economic Livelihoods of all Solomon Islanders.”

He further said that the NDS recognizes that the key to growth and progress of the people of this country lies within sustainable economic development.
He guaranteed that the NDS has been developed in a consultative process over the period June 2015 to March 2016. That was the period an initial strategic framework document was developed with government institutions, analysis of the previous NDS 2011 – 2020, sector plans, provincial plans and Ministry Corporate plans.

A nationwide participatory process was undertaken that provided feedback.
Consultations involved government ministries and agencies, provinces, development partners, private sector, NGOs, church groups and communities including chiefs, elders, and women and youths in all provinces hence, the consultation process ensured wider participation and instilled a sense of ownership of all stakeholders.

However, Hon. Philip said reforms are key to successful implementation of this NDS. This includes good governance and public sector reforms.

Five key long term NDS Objectives were identified on which development will focus:

1. Sustainable and inclusive economic growth
2. Poverty alleviated across the whole of Solomon Islands, basic needs addressed and food security improved; benefits of development more equitably distributed
3. All Solomon Islanders have access to quality health and education
4. Resilient and environmentally sustainable development with effective disaster risk management, response and recovery
5. Unified nation with stable and effective governance and public order
Successful implementation of the NDS will lead to the following
1. Sustainable and inclusive economic growth
2. Increased investment opportunities for all Solomon Islanders
3. Alleviation of poverty and improved food security
4. Sustainable environment, contributing to climate change mitigation
5. Provision of adequate, accessible and quality social services, basic needs, infrastructure and utilities for all Solomon Islanders

Meanwhile, a good number of Members of Parliament participated in the debate and have made very valuable contributions, also reminding themselves as leaders that the success of the document also rests on them as leaders for its implementation. This includes proper planning, focus and budgeting.

Implementation of the NDS in the medium term involves two parallel development and reform agendas;

i) Sector interventions, activities and reforms that will encourage development of the productive sector, resource sector, social sector and development sectors and

ii) Fundamental reforms which will redefine the norms and values of the Solomon Islands society to become more inclusive to enhance sustainable unity and improve governance including the public service, judiciary and national security

The medium term priority strategies and activities for the first five years of the NDS are included in a medium Term Development Plan (MTDP), a 5 year rolling development plan. (See 2016 – 2035 NDS on Parliament website for detailed on NDS objectives)

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