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Vision: To be a modern Parliament that fulfills its constitutional duties and effectively serves the people of Solomon Islands.

Parliament is adjourned until 9:30 am on Tuesday 27 November 2018.  


1.	invited guests, Excellencies, Representatives of the Diplomatic corp, Speaker and staff of Parliament poses for a photo after the launching ceremony at the Paul Tovua Complex, Parliament House.
1. invited guests, Excellencies, Representatives of the Diplomatic corp, Speaker and staff of Parliament poses for a photo after the launching ceremony at the Paul Tovua Complex, Parliament House.

The National Parliament Office has launched its five year strategy plan 2017 – 2021 on Friday 23rd June 2017 at the National Parliament House, Paul Tovua Complex.

The five year strategy is accompanied by an implementation roadmap that outlines in greater detail the way in which the National Parliament Office will lead the process of implementing activities outlined in the plan.
Parliament aligned this Strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals and the national Development Strategy.

Amongst the four key objectives in the strategy, three of these require public participation. For example:

Objective two: To improve the legislative process in Parliament to ensure enhanced scrutiny and quality of legislation.
Objective three: To improve the capacity of Parliament to provide effective oversight of government

Objective four: To develop the education and outreach work of Parliament and the representative role of MPs
Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ajilon Jasper Nasiu in his keynote remarks acknowledges the input of the Parliamentary House Committee in the five year strategy and said,” I believed this approach will strengthen the work relations between officials and parliamentarians.”

The Parliamentary House Committee which is chaired by Hon. Derick Manuari resolved that the Strategy Support Unit team produces biannual presentation reports on the progress of implementation. This is a new approach which was missing in the first strategy.

This is parliament’s second comprehensive strategic plan. While devised for implementation at the National Parliament, it belongs not only to the Parliament but represents our promise of service to our Solomon Islands people.
“The Strategy is owned ultimately by all the people represented at Parliament by their Members of Parliament, “Speaker of National Parliament, Mr. Ajilon said.
The Speaker further stress that the truthfulness of the statement “no man is an island” is significant for the National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

However, as a public institution, Parliament cannot afford to work in silo on cross cutting issues such as the law making process itself, the enacting of laws relating to the fight against corruption, climate change, gender, governance, civic education, health, education, freedom of expression and those embedded in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Nevertheless the implementation of this strategy require support, inputs and participation of a broad range of stakeholders both locally and internationally.
He said, if the members of the public are not engaged in making submissions to parliament committees and voice their concerns about bills brought to parliament, then the quality of legislations passed would not improve--not without the peoples’ input.

Thus, this strategy was developed with the intention of enhancing public participation in the existing parliamentary processes such as Committees, Civic Education programs and the media.
He added that the media has a role to inform people about laws passed in parliament and its impact on the people.

Meanwhile, Chair of the Parliamentary House Committee, Hon. Derick Manuari congratulates the Speaker, Clerk and Staff of Parliament for the effort and work to develop the five Strategic plan.

In his remarks he highlighted that the strategy is focus on strengthening the Parliamentary Legislative Process and Parliamentary oversight.
He said both the legislative function and the oversight function are mainly exercised through the work in Committees, therefore, committees constitute the heart of a democratic and functioning Parliament.

Similarly, Hon. Manuari, said an efficient legislative process implies a strong role for parliamentary committees.
“We would like to see that as the SI parliament grows in maturity, the committee section of the National Parliament Office become more central to the work of Parliament,” he said.

Hon. Manuari said the key aspect to this is staffing, the number and quality of staff is an issue not only for Solomon Islands Parliament but also for many other developing countries.
He then assures that his committee fully endorses the strategy’s aim towards Parliamentary Autonomy.

Parliament needs to move towards becoming autonomous from the Executive in terms of taking responsibility for Parliamentary staffing, budget and work planning.
In addition to the central principle of good governance, the move towards autonomy will be an important step in terms of developing the capacity of the Parliament and creating a cadre of specialized Parliamentary staff.

Meanwhile, those who were present at the launching were the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Jeremiah Manele, Chairs of Parliamentary Committees, Members and staff of Parliament, members of the Diplomatic Corp, particularly, the UNDP Country Manager and Government Officials and Members of the Mainstream Media.


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