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Parliament is adjourned to Tuesday 24 July 2018.  

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Parliament has passed the Land Surveyors Bill 2016 on Wednesday the 15th of February 2017.

It is an Act to regulate the practice of land surveying, and for related purposes.

When winding up the debate on the Bill, the Minister for Lands, Housing and Survey Hon. Moses Garu stressed the need to overhaul the very old Land Surveyors Act that was introduced in 1915.

“Sir, the current Act is more than 100 years old and is badly in need of updating and so Mr. Speaker in its current form it does not reflect the needs of modern day survey practice”

Minister Garu told Parliament that the powers of the Surveyors’ Board be extended as the Bill proposes to empower the Board to consider and determine applications for registration or registering a surveyor.

He said the Board will comprise the Surveyor General and other registered land surveyors and it is only appropriate that the power to register land surveyors with professional surveyors who know their business.

Hon. Garu added that the Bill proposes the establishment of an Association of Surveyors with its own council that is of a similar manner to the Association of Valuers and its Council.

The Lands Minister reiterated that the Council will have the power to issue practicing licenses which would be needed in addition to registration before any person can practice surveying in the country.

Minister Garu said a process is proposed to allow any person aggrieved by a decision made by the Board or Council to appeal that decision.

“Under this Bill Sir, the Minister may make regulations to set further details relating to procedures, fees and other matters but the power to approve practice directions or rules are appropriately transferred to the Surveyor General” Hon. Garu added.

Minister Garu assured the House that he had taken note of the recommendations made in the Bills and Legislation Committee report.

Members of Parliament who spoke on this Land Surveyors Bill 2016 supported the Bill. It went through the Committee of the Whole House without amendments and passed in third reading.

The details of the Bill can be seen in the explanatory Memorandum to the Bill on this Parliament website.

The Act will become Law and be effective after it is being gazette.

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