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NYP participants simulate a Parliamentary Committee (left) and witnesses (right) yesterday on their session on Committee inquiries.

Speaker of the National Parliament of Solomon Islands, Ajilon Jasper Nasiu said one of the many challenges of the Solomon Islands 21st century is that majority do not yet understand and appreciate the roles and functions of Parliament.

He said many still think that Parliament is the ruling government, which is not true.

Ajilon said, “As the national constitution outlines well, that there is separation of powers on the three arms of the state. Therefore, in order to understand this separation of powers, it is rewarding experience to engage the general populace, through various civic activities that will make them appreciate the mechanics of parliamentary procedures and processes and how these parliamentary mechanisms provide how the state governs its citizens.”

He therefore said this NYP program is one of the many effective programs organized to get people to understand Parliament.

Today, NYP is organized to nurture leadership qualities of our youths by engaging them in debating issues of national, regional and international significance, in a parliamentary setting.

With the theme, “Empowering youths in employment and decision making,” our youth parliamentarians will use this event to consider ways to revise, improve and strengthen the current and future Government legislations and policies that will consider improving the status of the national youth body in the country.

Ajilon stressed that is 3rd NYP is also to ensure government must continue to recognize the work of national youth congress. The national youth congress plays an important role of advocating on behalf of youths and to ensure that voices and aspirations of our youths are heard and addressed.

Sustainability of the NYP is another issue to look at and is a major concern of the general public, hence, the Speaker explained that after this program, the organizers of NYP and key institutions will sit to discuss its future.

But for now, the Speaker said there are two things Parliament is excited about:

  1. Youth Parliamentarians will share what they have learned and practice with their respective schools and village youth groupings on their return.
  2. The youth parliamentarians are helping the Parliamentary Civic Department to educate their schools and villages on Parliamentary democracy.

Moreover, he said, the youth parliamentarians are becoming part of a network, linking both the ministry of women, children and family affairs, the national parliament and the public.

A total of 20 students will be selected to participate in the first ever, Melanesian Youth Parliament to be held in Honiara next year as a result of this NYP program.

Yesterday, National Youth Parliamentarians were involve in the inquiries into the youth unemplyment motion.

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