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Vision: To be a modern Parliament that fulfills its constitutional duties and effectively serves the people of Solomon Islands.

Parliament is adjourned until Wednesday 31st October 2018.  



The National Youth Parliament (NYP) event that supposed to happen on 10th -14th October is now moved to 24th – 26th October 2016.

The decision to postpone this event is due to the following reasons:

  1. Most schools just received their invitation letters last week, thus, they just begin their preparations to select their best candidates.
  2. The other reason is funding to some payments for this program is yet to be made by the responsible Ministry, Ministry of Women, Youth and Family Affairs, therefore, the committee sees it fit to further delay the program.

Another change to the criteria in selecting students is, committee has agreed to take students in forms 4 since forms 5 and 6 students are now nearing their national exams.

Chairman of the NYP, Patteson Lusi explained that taking form 4 students is a positive change in the selection criteria since they will be in form 5 next year; where some of them will carry on to take part in the Melanesian Youth Parliament happening next year.

Selected form 4 students will prepare well for the regional event, thus, it is very appreciating that this change happenned.

The National Youth Parliament is an event organized to pave the way for our future leaders to build confidence and capacity in leadership and public speaking skills.

Previously, this same event was held in 2009 and 2013 where participants were selected from various community and national secondary schools in the country.

The 2013 event give 20 Solomon Island youths the opportunity to take part in the Regional Youth Parliament that took place at the National Parliament House in Honiara.

That regional event included youths from the New South Wales and Bougainville.

This year’s event will host 50 local youths from 50 constituency base schools in the country and it will eventually result again in the selection of another 20 youths (10 boys and 10 girls) to take part in the first proposed Melanesian Youth Parliament program, to be hosted in Honiara in September 2017.

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