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Parliament will be holding two separate inquiries in Malaita from 26th September to 1st October 2016.

This is part of the Environmental and Conservation Committee (ECC) and the Health and Medical Services Committee’s (HMSC) programs in examining the impact of sea- level rise and the status and quality of medical services in the country.

Both Committeeswill be travelling together to the Province on Sunday the 25th to conduct these two separate inquiries.

The committees have planned to carry out this series of inquiries on selected parts of the country and as such have opted to begin their inquiries in Malaita Province.

The ECC will examine the impacts of sea-level rise due to climate change on coastal and atoll communities while the HMSC enquires into the status and quality of medical services provided by medical and healthcare facilities in the country.

The one week inquiry will be held on two separate localities namely in Auki and Malu’u followed with site visits around certain areas and facilities in the central and northern region of the province.

While in Auki, both inquiries will be carried out on the 26th to 28th of September. This is the same arrangement forMalu’u from the 29th September to 1st October.

Both committees are mandated by Parliament to perform oversight over the executive government’s decisions and actions.

This is to ensure that the government’s service delivery and sustainable development programmes are maximised and prioritised to improve the socio-economic status and well-being of its people and the country as a whole.

While relevant stakeholders are invited to participate in the inquiries to give evidence before the two committees regarding their current situations, the committee also welcome submissions from the general public.

The ECC committee members are: Hon. DrCulwickTogamana - Chairman, Hon. Charles Sigoto, Hon. Jackson Fiulaua, Hon. Alfred Ghiro, Hon. Connelly Sandakabatu, Hon.Dr Derek Sikua, Hon.Matthew Wale and Hon. Commins. Mewa.

HMSC Committee members are:Hon.CharlesSigoto – Chairman, Hon.DicksonPanakitasiMua, Hon.Peter Tom, Hon.JacksonFiulaua, Hon.IshmaelAvui, Hon.Lionel Alex Qora and Hon.SilasTausinga

Submissions can be hand delivered to National Parliament Office or to the committee while they are in Auki or email

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