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Under Secretary to MECDM, Mr. Chael Iroi far right and his staff.
Members of the Committee during the hearings, Chairman. Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana centre, third from left.

Under Secretary to MECDM, Mr. Chael Iroi far right and his staff.
Under Secretary to MECDM, Mr. Chael Iroi far right and his staff.

The Environmental and Conservation Committee (ECC) of the National Parliament of Solomon Islands has started conducting hearings into the impacts of sea-level rise, due to climate change, on low-lying coastal and atoll communities in Solomon Islands.

This came about as a result of ECC’s deliberate meeting on the 5th of August where they resolved to inquire and report on issues relating to sea level rise due to climate change. Particularly, as stated in the inquiry’s terms of reference they will inquire mainly to:

•examine, consider, observe and determine issues in relation to the impacts of sea-level rise on low-lying coastal and atoll communities;
- To determine the impacts of sea-level rise.
- To examine measures adopted by lo-lying coastal and atoll communities to adapt and/or mitigate the impacts of sea-level rise.

•to examine and evaluate measures adopted and implemented by relevant administrative authorities to address the impacts of sea-level rise; and

•to report to parliament the Committee’s findings and recommendation.

The ECC therefore conducted their first official hearing on Thursday 18th August with officers from the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM).

Chairman of the Environment Conservation Committee Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana explained that the hearing with the ministry is vital in order to get relevant documents regarding the scientific aspects of sea level rise due to climate change in the Solomon Islands, and the ministry’s position in addressing the issue in our low lying islands.

It was stated during the hearing that the MECDM already participated in a number of projects over the past years in their assessment program on sea level rise in some parts of the country.

This include enhancing resilience in climate change and food security where they did simple techniques which measures coastal assessment and sea level rise mapping.
“So from these projections we have mapped out certain communities which are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change especially in sea level rise,” one official from the MECDM explained.

Hon. Mathew Wale who is an active member of the ECC strongly advice the ministry to seriously address the climate change issue as it is now affecting our low lying coastal islands.

“Funds allocated for this purpose must be used wisely and evenly to assist in rebuilding the affected communities in their adaptation plans,” Hon. Wale advised.
The Committee was also informed during the inquiry that certain communities in the Solomon Islands were already identified and included in their data base by the MECDM for future planning projections.

“From this data we can tell communities that they have to plan for future projections,” Under Secretary Channel Iroi explained.

However details of the first hearing will not be disclosed for now since the ECC will conduct further hearings in Auki and Malu’u sometime next month.
Public will later be informed on the outcome of all hearings after the Committee’s report has been compiled and tabled in Parliament.

Members of the Parliamentary Environment Conservation Committee are Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana (Chairman), Hon. Mathew Wale, Hon. Dr Derek Sikua, Hon. Connelly Sandakabatu, Hon. Charles Sigoto and Hon. Alfred Ghiro, Hon. Commins Mewa and Hon Jackson Fiulaua

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