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Parliamentary Civic Education Officer, Alex Seama presenting to one of the communities in North West Choiseul
Parliamentary Civic Education Officer, Alex Seama presenting to one of the communities in North West Choiseul

Elder men in one of the villages in North East Choiseul engage in a group activity during the program.
Elder men in one of the villages in North East Choiseul engage in a group activity during the program.

A team of three officers of the National Parliament of Solomon Islands conducted Parliament Education awareness programs to 20 communities and 2 high Schools in North West Choiseul and East Choiseul Constituencies in July 2016.

The constituency tour to the two constituencies commenced on 11 – 26 July 2016. On 11- 20 July the Parliamentary Civic Education (PCEU) Team visited 11 communities and a high school in North West Choiseul Constituency.

The PCEU team conducted parliamentary education programs to the following communities and schools in North West Choiseul Constituency:

Sagigai community, Voza community, Moli Community High School, Moli Community, Nukiki community, Taro Island, Poroporo community, Chirovanago community, Vurango community, Ogo community and Tutu community.

The team visited only Moli Community High School as most of the schools were having midyear school break.

On the second and final stage of the tour, PCEU team successfully visited 10 communities and a high school in East Choiseul Constituency.

The communities include:

Susuka community High School, Soranamola community, Lukuvaru community, Pangoe community, Tangibangara community, Kukele High School, Nuatabu community, Varunga community and Ghoghobe community.

Similarly, most primary and secondary schools were on midyear school break therefore PCEU visited Kukele High School in East Choiseul Constituency.

This tour is part of the Parliamentary Civic Education and Outreach program of the National Parliament aiming to educate and inform citizens, especially those living in remote parts of the country, on the function of Parliament, roles of Members of Parliament and separation of powers and professional supporting services of Parliament.

Apart from the community and school presentations, the highlight of the constituency visits was the direct engagement of constituents and school students in group work activities organized in all the communities and schools, plus presentations, feedbacks and questions from the constituency development officers (CDOs) of both Constituencies.

As described by the Director of Parliamentary Civic Education Department, Patteson Lusi, the tour was eye opening to constituents and school pupils.

Leaders of most of the communities echoed that this is the first time in the past 38 years that Parliament visited their villages.

“This is regarded as a special occasion for ordinary Solomon Islanders to hear from parliament what their MPs are doing in the big round house at Vavaya Ridge, Mr. Lusi said.
Furthermore, Mr. Lusi said the tours allowed CDOs and constituency officers to explain to the constituents’ annual constituency funding, projects and future plans of the SIG and Members of Parliament for respective constituencies.

On that note, he acknowledged the following individuals and institutions for permission, funding and organizing needed logistics for the PCEU team to successfully tour North West Choiseul & East Choiseul Constituencies:

The Speaker, Clerk and Management of National Parliament of Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands Government, the Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare, and the MP for East Choiseul Constituency Hon. Connelly Sadakabatu, MP North West Choiseul Constituency, Hon Jackson Kiloe, Premier and Members of Choiseul Provincial Assembly. Mr. Leslie Galo Constituency Development Officer, East Choiseul Constituency, Mr. Wally Provan, Constituency Development Officer of North West Choiseul Constituency, Mr. Charles Vunagi , Constituency Accounting Officer of North West Choiseul Constituency. Chiefs, church leaders and elders of the communities of both constituencies and School Principals of Moli Community High School and Kukele Adventist High School.

They all make the tour successful.

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