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Participants of the workshop. Mr. Stephen Frappel at the back ( far left).JPG
Participants of the workshop. Mr. Stephen Frappel at the back ( far left).JPG

The National Parliament of Solomon Islands together with its twinning partners, the Parliament of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and the New South Wales Parliament successfully completed a two days Procedural workshop on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th June at the Paul Tovua conference room.

Facilitator of the program Mr. Stephen Frappel of NSW Parliament said, this was the first procedure workshop since the three Parliaments started their twinning arrangement five or six years ago.

“So this workshop gave the opportunity for procedure officers from these three parliaments to focus on procedure and the operations of the house and procedure privileges committees”

Mr. Frappel said that they have not had the chance to do it before even though they have put it on schedule for several years, as there wasn’t any opportunity to have it.

“Now it is happens to be the time where we finally get the key players from all three parliaments together” Mr. Frappel added.

During the workshop, procedure officers from all three Parliament s covered several topics that included a framework for considering traditions, practice, new procedures and advice. How a Clerk or a procedure officer go about assessing procedures, practices and innovations, matters of privilege/contempt and complex advice and some specific scenarios from the Bougainville Parliament and the Solomon Islands Parliament.

The workshop also gave the participants to share more ideas, information and challenges in their procedure and practice duties. Mr. Frappel stated.
“So Jean Resana spoke on behalf of the Solomon Islands Parliament, Edwin Kenehata and Peter Topura spoke on behalf of the Bougainville Parliament and the things they have achieved and Rachael Simpson spoke on behalf of the New South Wales Parliament” Mr. Frappel explained.

Parliament media has spoken to some of the Participants who echoed that the workshop was really an opportunity for all three Parliaments to report back on where they were at in their respective procedure offices.
Some of the Participants when asked by Parliament media have expressed that the main cream of the workshop was during their discussions on Matters of privilege/contempt and complex advice.

“We really learned a lot from this procedure workshop” they stated.
The Participants had also shared their challenges during group discussions. Even the Facilitator Mr. Stephen Frappel shared what he had encountered as a procedure officer in the New South Wales Parliament.
“We have challenges in New South Wales as much as you do here” Mr. Frappel told Parliament Media.

“Sometimes advices isn’t needed, like the clerks they’re upholders of the institution; we are responsible for researching procedural practices being aware the west minister traditions, and giving advice to members, speakers and clerks but sometimes the advice isn’t needed, we have the same problem in New South Wales from time to time” Mr. Frappel further explained.
Question time is far from ideal in New South Wales, Mr. Frappel continued when illustrating an example.

“As a mechanism for holding the government to account and gaining information, there are ways that could definitely be reformed in New South Wales, so from my perspective question time probably works better here in the Solomon Islands Parliament and Bougainville Parliament” Frappel added.

At the moment, both the National Parliament of Solomon Islands and the Bougainville House of Representatives are still striving to achieve things like precedent system and reform of standing orders on top of their existing procedural duties despite them lacking human resources.

Mr. Frappel said this program will be an ongoing one as he wanted to see continuity to build up capacity in all three Parliaments.
The NSW & Bougainville parliamentary officers who came for the Twinning Procedural Workshop are;
From NSW:
• Stephen Frappell;
• Rachel Simpson; &
• Jenelle Moore.

From Bougainville:
• Edwin Kenehata;
• Peter Topura; &
• Ruby Garnean.
Participants from Solomon Islands Parliament included both the Procedure and Committee Secretariat officers.
The two days workshop ended with presentation of certificates to participants and a lovely buffet dinner at the Heritage Park Hotel pool side.

By Fred Houla
(Parliament Media Intern)

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