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Workshop participants and facilitators. Our guest speaker, Julian Maka'a center ( fourth from left)
Workshop participants and facilitators. Our guest speaker, Julian Maka'a center ( fourth from left)

Members of the Young Women’s Parliamentary Group Communications Team were given a two days Introduction to Media workshop at the Parliament’s Paul Tovua Complex, Vavaya Ridge on the 5th and 6th of July 2016.

The two days workshop is aimed at educating participants on what the media is and the different forms of news media that are used to disseminate information to the public.

The workshop covered print, online, radio and television news media, and how to produce content for each media.

It involved two field trips; one to Solomon Star Newspaper Office and the other to the Parliament Media Department, Radio and TV production studio.

It also featured a guest presentation by veteran Journalist, Mr. Julian Maka’a.
Julian is a former broadcast Journalist of the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC).

He has been working in the Solomon Islands Media Industry for 22 years with experiences beyond the Pacific Region.

After this training, the team is expected to produce and disseminate information on YWPG as a way of advocating the group’s gender programs and activities.

Not only that, but generally they are expected to write and produce news articles in other media forms they have learned.

In an interview, Director of Parliament Media, Ms Joy Angi, who is one of the facilitators at the training said, “I can assure you that I see potential in all participants to further develop your skills in this area.”

“You just need the right tools and the opportunity to do that especially in advocating for YWPG to fulfill its vision of influencing legislation and government policies,” she said.

Further to that she advised participants to keep up their knowledge on current gender issues. Not only that but she encouraged participants to also cover other areas in their reporting.

“Your knowledge on national issues, especially in the area of gender must be kept up to date since your job in YWPG now is to do public relations on YWPG programs and activities.”

The workshop was facilitated by the Director and the staff of the Parliament Media Department and organized by YWPG under the Parliamentary Civic Education Department, gender component.

The Young Women’s Parliamentary Group is a group established under the Civic Education Department, and is aimed at nurturing young women leaders, supported by young male counterparts to be active in influencing government policy and legislation.

Gino Oti, Ruth Amos and Christopher Baerii
YWPG Communications Team

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