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The Parliamentary Bills and Legislation Committee in its deliberative meeting this morning resolve to begin hearing into the Traditional Governance and Customs Facilitation Bill 2018 at 9:30am tomorrow Tuesday 18 Sept 2018.

The object of this Bill is to provide a framework to regulate the traditional governance system in Solomon Islands. This Bill provides for the institutionalization, management and regulation of traditional governance systems. It formally establishes a platform to recognize, strengthen and empower the informal governing structures. On that basis, the current traditional governance system will become part of the formal system.

Further, the Bill provides for the promotion and preservation of traditional norms, protocols, values, and practices. Traditional norms and practices are essential aspects of traditional governance in Solomon Islands in terms of identity and belonging to a certain tribe or clan. Additionally, these customary attributes play a major role in social cohesion, harmony and respect in traditional Solomon Islands society since time immemorial. This Bill aims to preserve and pass on these customary practices and norms to future generations.

The Bill aims to empower tribal chiefs and traditional leaders in dispute resolution. It facilitates their participation, coordination and contribution in partnership dialogues between the government and traditional institutions. It establishes a platform for traditional leaders and tribal chiefs to participate in peacebuilding, community policing, community respect, environmental preservation, development partnerships and the management of customary properties. It enables traditional leaders and tribal chiefs to play an active formal role in decision making process. This allows them to be involved in economic and social matters.

The Bill has a total of 33 clauses which divided into 6 parts. You can access and read in detail the clauses of the Bill on this website “What’s new in Parliament column”


The National Parliament of Solomon Islands recently rendered expertise to its neighboring Vanuatu Parliament. As part of the UNDP’s Pacific Parliamentary Effectiveness initiative, the Chairman to the Education and Human Resources Committee Hon. Alfred Ghiro along with the Committee Secretary, Mrs. Jasmine Waleafea were invited to facilitate amongst other Guest Speakers from the Queensland and Fiji Parliament.

This regional exchange is a follow up from a similar training conducted with Vanuatu Parliamentary Staff a couple of weeks earlier, to which the National Parliament of Solomon Islands was also supporting.

During the two days’ workshop organized specifically for the Committee Chairs and Deputy Chairs, topics discussed during those sessions included understanding what Committees and their functions are and how they develop within democratic parliaments.

In the course of the workshop, Hon. Ghiro shared with fellow Chairmen on the role of the Chairman and the Committee clerk; and further shared on his experiences with the Committees in a challenged environment. The Queensland Parliament Chairman for Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee, Hon. Peter Russo along with Mrs. Waleafea, emphasized on the benefits of deploying strategic planning for each parliamentary Committee; given their mandates and tools that could have been at their disposal for carrying out their committee roles.

Committee Chairmen and members of the Vanuatu Parliament have commended the training and have tabulated recommendations that hopes to see to a resurrected and vibrant Committee functioning within their jurisdiction, in the coming months.

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