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Vision: To be a modern Parliament that fulfills its constitutional duties and effectively serves the people of Solomon Islands.

Parliament is adjourned until Wednesday 31st October 2018.  

Parliamentary Strengthening Project



Mr. Willy Hiurae during the presentation to Members of Parliament

Members of Parliament were briefed on a white paper on the establishment of Solomon Islands Customary Land Commission and Solomon Islands Land Trust Board on Thursday 5th April 2018.

This briefing was made possible to Members of Parliament by the Minister of Lands and Survey, Hon. Andrew Manepora.

Private consultant to the Ministry of Lands, Land Reform Unit Willy Hiuare who is a lawyer by profession made the presentation. Mr. Hiurae has been working and living in Suva, Fiji for many years now and is now doing this consultancy work for this particular reform.

He presented the concept on Land reform, particularly the possible processes our country can use to acquire customary Land titles and anchor customary land titles for Solomon Island tribal land system.

Hiuare said the approach his team is taking is to pilot the concept first which they already did and now produced a Skeleton white paper along with technical research before they make any consultations with stakeholders and people of this country.
He said the usual way of doing things in the Solomon Islands is vice versa but for this program they are taking the opposite approach by piloting it first and putting together a white paper before making wider consultations. They only did one consultation with Malaita provincial government but feel the need to put together the white paper before consulting further.

Hon. Manepora strongly advocates for this approach since it will take into account errors and suggestions in the initial stages so what comes out in the white paper is already filtered and tidied before taking up suggestions.
This will avoid lop holes when a white paper is produced and move the work faster than the usual process.

A skeleton white paper is already produced and is ready to be presented to caucus and cabinet.

According to the timeline of this program, the team said the buck now stops with the government, thus, it is the Minister of lands who is in control of the pace of this program.

Hon. Manepora assured MPs that the skeleton white paper will be taken to caucus next week and later on to cabinet but he wants most of this work to be done in the remaining nine months he is in office.


20TH MARCH 2018

The parliamentary Civic Team and logistics team at Koriovuku, Ranonga

The Parliament Civic Education team is currently touring Ranonga Simbo, North Vella La Vella and South Vella La Vella constituencies.

Last week, the team of four Parliamentary staff who are assisted by members of the above constituencies successfully completed the education outreach program to Ranonga Simbo Constituency. They toured Ranonga Simbo from the 12-17 March.

The team visited Lengana Village, Riquru Primary school, Lale Village ,Sidoku Community High School, Buri Community High School, Koriovuku , Patu Village , Penuna Community High School and Suava Village.

In North Vella La Vella, the team is visiting Simbilado, Karaka community and surrounding, Karokesa Community, Boro and surrounding communities, Suanatali & Liangai surrounding communities, JAC and surrounding communities, Irigila and surrounding communities, Leona and surrounding communities and Vatoro.

In South Vella La Vella, the team will tour the following communities: Varese Village and surrounding communities, Vonunu PSS & surrounding Communities, Maravari Village & surrounding communities, Eleoteve CHS, Kolokolo and surrounding communities, Labulabu and surrounding communities

The main objective of the outreach program is to help participants to learn about the democratic system of Solomon Islands, an opportunity for community members to discuss their ideas about the democratic system and the trend of political leadership in SI.

It is also an opportunity where constituents will explore the fundamental values, ideologies and theories of traditional and modern leadership and also learn the basic and simple approaches in supporting their MPs in carrying out their role as national leaders of this country.

Additionally, they will also learn about the connection between the electoral system of Solomon Islands and National Parliament as one of the democratic arms of our state.
The people of Ranonga Simbo were very happy to receive these information as this was the first time in the history of Parliament to get down to the people of Ranonga Simbo.

As was nicely put together by Mr. Stanley of Biru Village, Ranonga Simbo constituency.
“For so long I have been asleep, today I woke up! Now I can relate I can understand what Parliament and the roles of our MPs”

The same sentiments were also echoed in all the schools the team visited and the students took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions relating to Parliament and our democratic processes.

Some of the questions raised are on the composition of Parliament committee Members, sitting arrangements in the chamber, the role of the Governor General, the difference between cabinet and caucus, motions and the role of the speaker and how he is appointed.

Acting Director of the Parliament Education Unit Ms. Marisa Pepa said she is happy to see that our rural people are beginning to understand and appreciate parliamentary democracy.

She then thanked the Chiefs and community leaders of Ranonga and Simbo for their support towards this program.

Most importantly, she thanked the Honorable Member for Ranonga Simbo , Hon. Charles Sigoto for seeing the importance of educating his people on Parliamentary processes.
This week, the team is now in North Vella constituency. They will be touring villages in that particular constituency from Monday 19th March to 23rd March and will continue to South Vella constituency in the following week (26-30 March).

The National Parliament can only able to organize one constituency visit for this year due to budget constraints, thus this is the last constituency tour for National Parliament to organise before the National Elections are held in November this year.


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