The Speaker, Rt Hon Sir Peter Kenilorea took the Chair at 9.30am.







At prayers, all were present with the exception of the Members for East Honiara and Central Honiara.




Motion of No Confidence

“That the Parliament resolves it has no confidence in the Prime Minister”


Mr OTI:  Mr Speaker, the motion that is before the floor of Parliament under my name in today’s Order Paper is a motion that calls on Parliament to resolve it has no confidence in the Prime Minister.

            Mr Speaker, as you would witness this morning it is very obvious the Prime Minister no longer commands the majority of the House.  In that regard, Mr Speaker, the most honourable thing to do would be for the Prime Minister to take into account the processes of parliamentary democracy taking into consideration the rule of the majority, and taking further consideration the call by the people last week whether or not we would like to interpret it as merely representing the population of Honiara, I would leave that to Parliament to interpret. 

In this regard, Mr Speaker, whilst I have every intention of moving the motion, it is also incumbent on the Prime Minister to recognize the realities on the floor of Parliament as is now reflected in the division of numbers as well as to reflect on two previous occasions when two Prime Ministers placed in the same situation have had to resign on the floor of Parliament, the first in 1994 and the second in 2000, and I would like to request the Prime Minister very honorably to tender his resignation forthwith.

Mr Speaker, I have with me, if the Prime Minister so agrees, a letter which would make him take that action for the sake, not only of this Parliament, but for the whole of Solomon Islands as well.

First of all before I move the motion, I would like to request the Prime Minister whether he would take that honorable step to gracefully and honorably bow to the wish of Parliament.  Thank you, Mr Speaker.


Mr Speaker:  Do you have any comments on that Hon. Prime Minister?  As the Honorable Member for Temotu Nende has clearly stated, he is yet to move the motion of no confidence but is merely appealing to your personal stand at this stage?


Hon HUNIEHU:  Point of order, Mr Speaker.  Since the mover of the motion had requested the Prime Minister to officially resign on the floor of Parliament, may I request Parliament to adjourn for five or ten minutes so that the Prime Minister can also get advice from ………


Mr Oti:  Point of order, Mr Speaker, this matter is now under consideration and the Prime Minister needs to make his decision based on the advice tendered to him.  Thank you.


Mr Speaker:  Before the Speaker rules in any other situation I simply wanted to hear from the Prime Minister first of all before we can suggest any other move.


Hon RINI:  Mr Speaker, I know exactly what the Member on the Opposition has suggested.  So may I ask your permission to suspend Parliament for 15 minutes to discuss the situation with my government?



The House suspended for 15 minutes


(Parliament resumes)


Hon Rini:  Thank you, Mr Speaker, for allowing us, especially my group to discuss this situation this morning.

            Mr Speaker, in view of recent changes in my government as of this morning which has seen the decrease in the number of Members of Parliament supporting me, and in order for this country to move forward in peace and also for all of us 50 Members of Parliament to work together so that this country can go forward, I have no alternative but to tender my resignation forthwith as the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

            I shall inform the Governor General formally later this morning.  Thank you.




Mr Speaker:  To facilitate that opportunity to discuss the next stage of development, I adjourn Parliament under Standing Order 10(5) until 9.30 am tomorrow morning.



The House adjourned at 10.10 am